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The Best Albums of 1989: Honorable Mentions

We hope that you enjoyed our feature on The Best Albums of 1989. If you happened to miss it - please click here.

There were so many great releases that didn't get included in the Best Albums of 1989 feature - since we limited ourselves to the Top 10. In this post you will find 12 more albums that Sarah and I selected that needed to be represented. A track from each album is added to the playlist at the bottom - and we threw in 60 extra songs that we thoroughly enjoy. We hope you do too! So without further delay, here are our Honorable Mentions for 1989.

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All About Eve - Scarlet and Other Stories
The Creatures - Boomerang
Faith No More - The Real Thing
Gin Blossoms - Dusted
Human Drama - Feel
Jesus Jones - Liquidizer
Kitchens of Distinction - Love is Hell
Lou Reed - New York
Martin Gore - Counterfeit EP
Nitzer Ebb - Belief
The Psychedelic Furs - Book of Days
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry - Blow

10,000 Maniacs - 'Trouble Me' from Blind Man's Zoo
The Alarm - 'Sold Me Down the River' from Change
Alice Cooper - 'Poison' from Trash
The B-52's - 'Deadbeat Club' from Cosmic Thing
Bad Manners - 'Sally Brown' from Return of the Ugly
Bad Religion - 'You' from No Control
Bel Canto - 'The Suffering' from Birds of Passage
Big Audio Dynamite - 'Contact' from Megatop Phoenix
Biz Markie - 'Just a Friend' from The Biz Never Sleeps
Bob Mould - 'See a Little Light' from Workbook
Breathless - 'Moment by Moment' from Chasing Promises
Camouflage - 'Love is a Shield' from Methods of Silence
Camper Van Beethoven - 'Pictures of Matchstick Men' from Key Lime Pie
Celebrate the Nun - 'Ordinary Town' from Meanwhile
Chris Isaak - 'Wicked Game' from Heart Shaped World

Concrete Blonde - 'Happy Birthday' from Free
The Connells - 'Fun & Games' from Fun & Games
The Cult - 'Edie (Ciao Baby)' from Sonic Temple
Cyndi Lauper - 'I Drove All Night' from A Night to Remember
Deborah Harry - 'I Want That Man' from Def, Dumb & Blonde
Dramarama - 'I Wish I Was Your Mother' from Stuck in Wonderamaland
Drivin' n' Cryin' - 'Straight to Hell' from Mystery Road
Eurythmics - 'Don't Ask Me Why' from We Too Are One
Flesh for Lulu - 'Time & Space' from Plastic Fantastic
Fugazi - 'Burning Too' from Margin Walker EP
Guadalcanal Diary - 'Always Saturday' from Flip-Flop
Hoodoo Gurus - 'Come Anytime' from Magnum Cum Louder
Indigo Girls - 'Kid Fears' from Indigo Girls
Jimmy Somerville - 'Read My Lips (Enough is Enough)' from Read My Lips
Kon Kan - 'I Beg Your Pardon (Never Promised You a Rose Garden)' from Move to Move

Lard - 'The Power of Lard' from The Power of Lard EP
The Lemonheads - 'Luka' from Lick
Lowlife - 'Where I Lay, I'll Lie' from Godhead
Lycia - 'From Foam' from Wake
Madonna - 'Spanish Eyes' from Like a Prayer
Mother Love Bone - 'Chloe Dancer / Crown of Thorns' from Shine EP
Motley Crue - 'Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)' from Dr. Feelgood
Neneh Cherry - 'Buffalo Stance' from Raw Like Sushi
Nirvana - 'Blew' from Bleach
The Pogues - 'Misty Morning, Albert Bridge' from Peace and Love
Pop Will Eat Itself - 'Wise Up Sucker' from This Is the Day...This Is the Hour...This Is This!
Primal Scream - 'I'm Losing More Than I'll Ever Have' from Primal Scream
The Primitives - 'Sick of It' from Pure
Ramones - 'Pet Sematary' from Brain Drain
Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians - 'Madonna of the Wasps' from Queen Elvis

Simple Minds - 'Belfast Child' from Street Fighting Years
Skid Row - 'I Remember You' from Skid Row
Skinny Puppy - 'Worlock' from Rabies
Soundgarden - 'Hands All Over' from Louder Than Love
Stevie Ray Vaughan - 'The House is Rockin' from In Step
Tears for Fears - 'Sowing the Seeds of Love' from The Seeds of Love
Texas - 'I Don't Need a Lover' from Southside
The The - 'Kingdom of Rain' from Mind Bomb
Throwing Muses - 'Dizzy' from Hunkpapa
Tin Machine - 'I Can't Read' from Tin Machine
U2 - 'Dancing Barefoot' from When Love Comes to Town single
Violent Femmes - 'Nightmares' from 3
Wire - 'Eardrum Buzz' from It's Beginning to and Back Again
Young MC - 'Bust a Move' from Stone Cold Rhymin'
Ziggy Marley & the Melody Makers - 'Look Who's Dancing' from One Bright Day

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The Best Albums of 1989

We are back with another Best Albums feature from a year gone by - if you missed 2000, check that out after you're done here. Let's go back 29 years... In the Year 1989, George H.W. Bush began his term as the 41st President of the United States, and minimum wage was a whopping $3.35. The Exxon Valdez spilled 10.8 million gallons of oil into Alaska's Prince William Sound, causing a massive environmental disaster. Erik and Lyle Menendez shot and killed their parents in Beverly Hills, California. On November 9th, the Berlin Wall started crashing down, leading to the reunification of Germany a year later. Batman, Dead Poets Society, The Little Mermaid and Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade were topping the box office chart while Saved By the Bell made its TV debut. And how can we forget about the release of cult classics like Road House, The 'Burbs, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure and Puppet Master? Taylor Swift and Hayden Panettiere entered the world, while we mourned the departure of Lucille Ball, Bette Davis, voice actor Mel Blanc, SNL's Gilda Radner and artist Salvador Dali.

As always, Sarah and I enlisted the help of our regular contributors & friends to select Top 10 albums. In addition, everyone handpicked a track from each album for you to enjoy in our Best Albums of 1989 Spotify playlist at the bottom of the page (unfortunately there are a few albums not available on Spotify - we encourage you to locate those elsewhere). If you'd like to share your own 1989 favorites, please comment below. We'll be back very soon with a list of our Honorable Mentions. Stay tuned to see which year is coming next!

Bret Helm
Life on this Planet | Audra

10. Red Temple Spirits - If Tomorrow I Were Leaving for Lhasa...
09. Pixies - Doolittle
08. New Model Army - Thunder and Consolation
07. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Mother's Milk
06. Ministry - The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste
05. New Order - Technique
04. The Cure - Disintegration
03. Shelleyan Orphan - Century Flower
02. Peter Murphy - Deep
01. The Cult - Sonic Temple

About My #1: How do you choose your favorite album from this year? Seriously. Scroll down and look at these lists. Most of my picks could've easily held the #1 spot for me at some point in time over the last 29 years. At the onset of compiling this feature, I assumed The Cure's Disintegration would've ended up my #1. So why The Cult? Because one look at that album cover and I immediately remember the excitement of opening that brown box from Columbia House Music Club and staring at that iconic album cover on cassette. I still feel the excitement of those musical dropouts during the verse of Sun King where it feels like you've taken a punch to the gut. I still feel the late night car rides singing along with the way-too-high-for-my-voice chorus of Fire Woman. I still can smell the mixture of orange blossoms and Polo cologne in the air, fifteen years old and dancing to that song with my older brothers at Teen Night at The Devil House in Tempe, Arizona - back when dance clubs played rock music. I still feel the emotional impact of Billy Duffy's arpeggiated chords in the moving tribute to Edie Sedgwick. And for the simple reason that over the last month, I listened to this album the most! - Bret

Sarah Quarrie
Life on this Planet

10. The Mighty Lemon Drops - Laughter
09. Red Flag - Naive Art
08. Erasure - Wild!
07. Ian McCulloch - Candleland
06. The Stone Roses - s/t
05. The Primitives - Pure
04. The Jesus and Mary Chain - Automatic
03. New Order - Technique
02. Peter Murphy - Deep
01. Xymox - Twist of Shadows

About My #1: The releases from 1989 had such a permanent impact on my life. Hearing them now still evokes the feeling of when I first heard them. As a teen in the Chicago suburbs at that time, music discovery wasn't just a hobby - it was a way of life. Staying up late on a Sunday night to watch 120 Minutes on MTV, staying up late on a school night to hear what The Big Beat on 93.1 WXRT would play on the radio, configuring my stereo antenna with thumbtacks on the ceiling to pick up those left of the dial college radio signals from "High Energy" 88.7 at Loyola University and 89.3 WNUR Northwestern University's "The New Music FM". Armed with an arsenal of blank cassettes I was constantly on high alert to hit Record in order to capture the sounds of the underground. I distinctly recall the first time I heard Xymox's "Obsession," thinking "WHO is THIS?!". It was dark, it was dancey, it was haunting, it was catchy. Every time I popped in the clear cassette of Twist of Shadows and the synth intro to "Evelyn" kicked in I'd get chilly goosebumps. Still do! - sarahQ

John Magness
Uttoxeter, England

10. David Byrne - Rei Momo
09. Maria McKee - s/t
08. And Also the Trees - Farewell to the Shade
07. Daniel Lanois - Acadie
06. The Cure - Disintegration
05. The Blue Nile - Hats
04. Van Morrison - Avalon Sunset
03. Kate Bush - The Sensual World
02. New Order - Technique
01. Neil Young - Freedom

About My #1: Choosing my number 1 album from this year was really difficult, it could easily have been New Order (in fact I had forgotten how much I love that album) or Van Morrison or The Blue Nile, but in the end I decided to go with the album with most memories attached. I first heard Rockin' in the Free World the first time we visited the US (Florida) and got the CD while we were there - I really wish I'd kept the long box which we never had in the UK. My favourite track has always been Wrecking Ball and I love the version by Emmylou Harris as well which Neil Young sings on. I was quite hoping that Bruce Springsteen was covering it when he released an album of the same name but no such luck. In compiling this list however I realised that I don't have a vinyl copy of Freedom so that needs to be remedied. - John

Tim Brown
London, England

10. The Wonder Stuff - Hup
09. Soul II Soul - Club Classics Vol. One
08. Texas - Southside
07. Bob Dylan - Oh Mercy
06. Tom Petty - Full Moon Fever
05. Madonna - Like a Prayer
04. The Cure - Disintegration
03. The Stone Roses - s/t
02. The Beautiful South - Welcome to the Beautiful South
01. De La Soul - 3 Feet High and Rising

About My #1: This album meant so much to me at the time of its release. Its joyful exuberance blew me away from the minute I first heard it. More playful than the hip hop I was used to, it just seemed more playful than pretentious and still is my go-to happy album. - Tim

Jesse Deitermann
Phoenix, Arizona

10. Prince - Batman
09. The Wedding Present - Bizarro
08. Peter Murphy - Deep
07. The Ocean Blue - s/t
06. Pixies - Doolittle
05. Lush - Scar
04. The Jesus and Mary Chain - Automatic
03. The Sugarcubes - Here Today, Tomorrow Next Week!
02. The Cure - Disintegration
01. Ian McCulloch - Candleland

About My #1: The reason I chose this album is it's a comfort album. It takes me back to 1989. '89 had so many great albums and personal experiences, as minor as my brother getting this small truck that we would blast The Cure and Pixies with the windows down whilst driving to Boulder or downtown Denver to buy more records and tapes at Waxtrax or Twist and Shout. Again, comfort! - Dream Pop Jesse

Ron Marrs
New Orleans, Louisiana

10. Love and Rockets - s/t
09. Beastie Boys - Paul's Boutique
08. Ministry - The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste
07. The Cure - Disintegration
06. Sidewinders - Witchdoctor
05. The Stone Roses - s/t
04. Concrete Blonde - Free
03. Pixies - Doolittle
02. The Jesus and Mary Chain - Automatic
01. Nine Inch Nails - Pretty Hate Machine

About My #1: I struggled with this one. I’ve certainly accepted these lists as a revelatory experiment to find those albums in our life we want to celebrate. When I sat down and put the pen to paper, what filled the page was a recipe of black eyeliner, Doc Martens, syringes, and clove cigarettes. So many of the albums that comprise my 1989 list encapsulate the anarchy of my junior/senior year of high school. A snapshot of tormenting relationships, the anger, the depression, and the exploration into self-destruction. These albums fed a psyche that was perched upon a pedestal of chaos that I sought to ruin in its foundation. My escape was found in bands like The Sidewinders, Royal Court of China, and Beastie Boys – a salvation of sorts from becoming cliché. The truth is, anyone that braved high school with a Nine Inch Nails, Jane’s Addiction or a Christian Death t-shirt were anything but a cardboard cut-out from their surroundings; our progressive interests may as well have been a scarlet letter. For me, it served as antagonism to stereotype, and to an English teacher that proudly rivaled my term paper on Oscar Wilde, with a dissertation on her years spent as a Catholic nun and a “gift” of 9 one-inch nails left on my desk. Point made, challenge accepted – no pun intended. “Pretty Hate Machine” served as my initiation into a club scene I wasn’t mature enough to navigate, and a how-to manual for reckless exploration into convoluted romance. Every word of the album might very well have been scripted from the observations of my flight down a staircase crafted by my ignorance and impulsiveness. I wasn’t clever enough to realize that my experience was one transgressed by so many others, and I personified every song, as if Trent Reznor was my biographer. Twenty-nine years later (groan) – listening to this album is so visceral that I can touch the pain, anger, and depression, as if it’s a scar across my heart and mind. Nine Inch Nails was an enabler, the voice assessing your situation as completely f'd-up and having space for more torment. I don’t know if the album is life-changing, but it definitely served as the soundtrack to a life that was changing, probably never more so than any other point thus far or since. To the student that sat on the other side of the Physics 2 class drumming out “Coast To Coast” on his text book while alternating between Cure, Voivod and Corrosion of Conformity shirts, thank you for providing a memory of 1989 that makes me smile to this day. - Ron

Jason Jones
Okinawa, Japan

10. Nine Inch Nails - Pretty Hate Machine
09. Love and Rockets - s/t
08. Einstürzende Neubauten - Haus der Luge
07. Kate Bush - The Sensual World
06. The Jesus and Mary Chain - Automatic
05. New Order - Technique
04. Ian McCulloch - Candleland
03. Public Image Ltd - 9
02. The Cure - Disintegration
01. Peter Murphy - Deep

About My #1: Peter Murphy’s album Deep is one of my very favorite albums, but it didn’t start off that way. I bought this on cassette when it came out, but I only knew him by name at that time. I gave it a listen and actually didn’t think much of it. I remember thinking it was merely “okay”, and put it away without any real intention of listening to it again anytime soon. A couple of weeks (maybe months?) later, I found myself in the mood to listen to something that I wasn’t very familiar with. I decided to give this album another shot, and ended up loving it! It became a go-to album that I would listen to more and more often. After all these years, this is still one of the best pieces of music I’ve ever heard, and one of my very favorite albums from any year. - Jason

Rob Clark
Rockford, Illinois

10. Meat Beat Manifesto - Storm the Studio
09. The Stone Roses - s/t
08. Daniel Lanois - Acadie
07. The Blue Nile - Hats
06. Peter Murphy - Deep
05. XTC - Oranges & Lemons
04. Ministry - The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste
03. Del Amitri - Waking Hours
02. Kate Bush - The Sensual World
01. Nine Inch Nails - Pretty Hate Machine

About My #1: I grew up in Cleveland. In the 80s, there was guy named Trent Reznor who was in local bands like The Innocent and The Exotic Birds. My friends and I were aware of him but he really was just this local guy making some okay pop and synthpop. At the tail end of the 80s, he re-emerged as the frontman of this project he called Nine Inch Nails and it pretty much blew all our minds. “Pretty Hate Machine' opened my doors to anything even remotely industrial and quickly became one of those “game changer” albums for me. It's one of the biggest reasons I’m proud to be from Cleveland. Almost 30 years later, it still sounds fresh and is still one of my favorite albums. - Rob

Sierra Anna Jones
Okinawa, Japan

10. Julee Cruise - Floating Into the Night
09. The Ocean Blue - s/t
08. Public Image Ltd - 9
07. Galaxie 500 - On Fire
06. Kate Bush - The Sensual World
05. Einstürzende Neubauten - Haus der Luge
04. The Jesus and Mary Chain - Automatic
03. Peter Murphy - Deep
02. New Order - Technique
01. The Cure - Disintegration

About My #1: Disintegration is permanently etched in the deepest, darkest parts of my mind and soul. The sad, shimmering soundscapes of this album shaped my taste in music, comforted me during my loneliest days, and helped me discover who I was. As a teenager, I instantly fell in love with The Cure’s dreary romance and existential dreaminess. At the time, I felt a great deal of uncertainty about the future, a lack of purpose, and all the complicated emotions that come with transitioning into adulthood; I often spent sleepless late nights sitting alone on my rooftop listening to this record on repeat. Although I am currently in a different place in my life, Disintegration resonates with me more than ever. - Sierra

Jaymz Todd
Phoenix, Arizona

10. Nirvana - Bleach
09. Pixies - Doolittle
08. Prince - Batman
07. The Jesus and Mary Chain - Automatic
06. The Stone Roses - s/t
05. Kate Bush - The Sensual World
04. Ministry - The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste
03. Nine Inch Nails - Pretty Hate Machine
02. The Cure - Disintegration
01. Pop Will Eat Itself - This is the Day...This is the Hour...This is This!

About My #1: This album is the quintessential answer to the question of “if you ever got stranded on a deserted island and only could bring one album, which album would you bring?” - Jaymz

53 different albums appeared in this feature
Which ones made it onto the most lists?
The Cure (8), The Jesus and Mary Chain (6), Peter Murphy (6)

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The Best Albums of 2000

We are back with another Best Albums feature from a year gone by - if you missed 1991, check that out after you're done here. Let's go back 18 years... In the Year 2000, Bill Clinton was finishing up his second term as President of the United States. Sony launched its Playstation 2 video game console, which remained in production for a whopping 13 years. Meet the Parents, Gladiator and Cast Away were topping the box office chart while TV's Beverly Hills, 90210 ended its run after 10 seasons. Badly Drawn Boy won the coveted Mercury Prize with the album The Hour of Bewilderbeast. The world sadly lost Charlie Brown / Peanuts creator Charles Schulz, The Cars' bassist/singer Benjamin Orr and British singer Kirsty MacColl.

As always, Sarah and I enlisted the help of our regular contributors & friends to select Top 10 albums. In addition, everyone handpicked a track from each album for you to enjoy in our Best Albums of 2000 Spotify playlist at the bottom of the page (unfortunately there are a few albums not available on Spotify - we encourage you to locate those elsewhere). If you'd like to share your own 2000 favorites, please comment below. Stay tuned to see which year is coming next!

Bret Helm
Life on this Planet | Audra

10. Gary Numan - Pure
09. Sunny Day Real Estate - The Rising Tide
08. Elliott Smith - Figure 8
07. The Cure - Bloodflowers
06. Ryan Adams - Heartbreaker
05. Johnny Cash - American III: Solitary Man
04. JJ72 - s/t
03. New Model Army - Eight
02. U2 - All That You Can't Leave Behind
01. Placebo - Black Market Music

About My #1: I've read that Placebo's Brian Molko ranks this as his least favorite album in their catalog. While I don't think it's their very best, it is certainly good enough to be my #1 for an entire year. I saw Placebo for the first of many times at the Hollywood Palace in early 2001, touring this record. The sidewalk in front of this historic venue looked like a scene straight out of Velvet Goldmine - excited fans adorned with feather boas - in all their androgyny. My two most vivid memories of that night were: #1 How damn good they were right out of the gate, opening with an adrenaline-fueled version of 'Haemoglobin'; #2 Imagining how many epic events took place in this space over the years since opening in 1927, I glanced up in the direction of a private box in the balcony. A stage light reflection caused it to illuminate and there standing was none other than Morrissey. Strangely, he looked directly at me at the exact same time, and judging by the look on my face, realized I recognized him for which he took a quick step backwards, disappearing into the shadows. That's what I think of when I hear this record - Bret

Sarah Quarrie
Life on this Planet

10. Puracane - Things You Should Leave Alone
09. Bebel Gilberto - Tanto Tempo
08. Thievery Corporation - The Mirror Conspiracy
07. Goldfrapp - Felt Mountain
06. Hooverphonic - The Magnificent Tree
05. Mandalay - Instinct
04. Apoptygma Berzerk - Welcome to Earth
03. Audra - s/t
02. Placebo - Black Market Music
01. U2 - All That You Can't Leave Behind

About My #1: 2000 was a year of many good releases that I recognize upon title, but only a handful stood the test of time - those that were played on repeat so much that even 18 years later every word & every song is embedded in my memory and soul. This was a point in my life where the somewhat harsh reality of being an adult kicked in. Families change, relationships change, jobs change. Constants that were taken for granted growing up were continually changing. U2's All That You Can't Leave Behind hit hard with aspiring compositions of empathetic sentiment. These soaring anthems are the perfect companions to snap you back to your senses when you feel a little lost. Not only is it my #1 album of 2000 but my favorite U2 album. It was my gateway to applaud their back catalog as I familiarized myself in preparation for the Elevation tour at United Center in Chicago the following year. The experience of seeing such a grand performance that radiated incredible energy from every living cell in that building was beyond moving. I underappreciated U2 in my younger years, but my taste changed. And it was a welcome change. - sarahQ

Ron Marrs
New Orleans, Louisiana

10. Underwater - This is Not a Film
09. Mira - s/t
08. Flogging Molly - Swagger
07. Audra - s/t
06. The White Stripes - De Stijl
05. Blonde Redhead - Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons
04. Black Heart Procession - Three
03. Queenadreena - Taxidermy
02. PJ Harvey - Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea
01. Shannon Wright - Maps of Tacit

About My #1:  “Shannon Wright: KY” was all that was written on the Maxell VHS I received from my dearest friend. From somewhere in the rafters of an old Kentucky theater, a bootlegger captured what is perhaps the fiercest performance I have ever witnessed. Shannon Wright, accompanied by only a drummer, inundated every inch of her surroundings with unbridled vulnerability and seething emotion. I sat transfixed from beginning to end, and I immediately purchased everything she had released as a solo artist. Maps Of Tacit comes closest to capturing what transpired on that VHS. Her tapestry of a piano, a Wurlitzer, a Hammond, a harmonium and a guitar, is only secondary to her voice. The percussive accompaniment drives home every visceral exaltation from what seems like a lifetime’s worth of betrayal. The sincerity of Shannon Wright’s lyrics coupled with her emotive delivery completely possess me and despite hundreds of spins, it continues to give me chills. Throughout the album, Shannon Wright utilizes elements of whimsy, delivering an almost child-like innocence that at some point someone, or something has corrupted in the foulest of fashions. Not lost on me is the fact that Steve Albini recorded a third of these tracks, and his knack for ushering out purity and rawness assuredly contributes to the dynamic. It was the gift from Shawn Terry that brought Shannon Wright into my world, and it will forever be my connection to him and how much music we shared over the years. In all honesty, had Shannon Wright found her way into my collection by some other means, Maps Of Tacit would still be my number one for 2000. Even with all the tragic beauty that PJ Harvey brought with “Stories…”, it cannot tread the same path of emotion and reality that Maps Of Tacit delivers in full. - Ron

Rob Clark
Rockford, Illinois

10. The Avalanches - Since I Left You
09. Amon Tobin - Supermodified
08. St. Germain - Tourist
07. Calexico - Hot Rail
06. Emmylou Harris - Red Dirt Girl
05. Ryan Adams - Heartbreaker
04. The Weakerthans - Left & Leaving
03. Marah - Kids in Philly
02. XTC - Wasp Star (Apple Venus Volume 2)
01. David Gray - White Ladder

About My #1: In mid-November, my 9-months pregnant wife had developed complications, so we needed to head to the hospital ahead of her due date. Among the things we quickly grabbed to help get us through what was probably going to be at least one scary night at the hospital were three CDs, including David Gray’s ‘White Ladder'. It ended up being the one playing when she gave birth to our daughter the next morning, and will forever remind us both of that scary but completely miraculous, life-changing day. - Rob

Jaymz Todd
Saturday Night Music Club

10. Swearing at Motorists - Number Seven Uptown
09. Audra - s/t
08. HollAnd - Neoprene So Tight
07. Self - Gizmodgery
06. D'Angelo - Voodoo
05. Modest Mouse - The Moon and Antarctica
04. The National Skyline - s/t
03. Sunny Day Real Estate - The Rising Tide
02. Catherine Wheel - Wishville
01. The Cure - Bloodflowers

About My #1: To choose one album in particular is extremely hard, especially to write something of importance of said single album. The year came for me six months after I moved away from home, and was six months into officially building the friendships that would lead to those that I could with faithfulness call family. Without a doubt, the memories I have for this year, even lead to me coming back to the city of Phoenix.
  • The driving of late nights with the windows down and feeling that warm Arizona air to the sounds of The National Skyline. 
  • Falling for girls, countless of them, to the soundtrack of The Cure’s Bloodflowers. 
  • Hijacking house parties with my ragtag group of individuals and turning those house parties to dance and sweatily getting down to D’Angelo’s Voodoo. 
  • Talking two of my best friends into recording a shitty album using toy instruments after being completely inspired by Self’s Gizmodgery. 
  • Stumbling upon a cheap EP that looked so wack in its design and having no clue as to what it said or who it was but falling head over for it in Trevor Kampmann's Hol Land. 
  • Meeting the musicians that I so lovingly adored in Sunny Day & Catherine Wheel, and having the most ridiculous stories of those run-ins. 
  • Sweating profusely in a tiny venue in a pretty rough part of town as we listened intently to the live sounds of Modest Mouse & Swearing at Motorists. 
And then, to nearly bookend it with one last great... Though we didn’t personally know each other back then - I was just a fan - two of those dudes have become two of my bestest friends. So 2000, to single it out to one definitive album is hard. As 2000 has stood with me still 18 years later as that place where I truly began. - Jaymz

Mike Keddy
Western Massachusetts

07. Air - The Virgin Suicides
06. Coldplay - Parachutes
05. Jurassic 5 - Quality Control
04. PJ Harvey - Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea
03. Yo La Tengo - And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out
02. Radiohead - Kid A
01. Sunny Day Real Estate - The Rising Tide

About My #1: First off, the majority of the music on my Best of 2000 List, or really any of the music I post in these Best of Lists, I wasn't listening to until sometime in the last 10 years. My taste in music was vastly different then... I guess I was a late bloomer. However, I chose Sunny Day Real Estate's 'The Rising Tide' because it has been an absolute favorite of mine since the early 2000s (maybe since 2003). I was nearing the end of my college years and a friend played this for me and I've loved it ever since. It is a record I often turn to when I don't feel like listening to anything else. It has stuck with me the longest and will likely be a favorite in another 15+ years. Does liking this album make me an emo kid? - Mike

48 different albums appeared in this feature
Which ones made it onto the most lists?
Audra (3) and Sunny Day Real Estate (3)

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